Aggregate Review of Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Cross Pendant Necklace, 18″ 

This cross pendant made from sterling silver and 14k gold is an extraordinarily beautiful way to express your faith. The diamond-enclosed cross is wrapped by an accented heart made of gold, with a variety of gemstone options. The box chain is 18” in length, though if you are looking for something with more or less, it is easy to find a replacement chain.

The pros of this beautiful necklace are first: combining the dainty heart and cross creates a beautiful mix of both faith and love. The size of the cross is ideal if you are looking for something on the smaller side: it measures 1” by ¾” in diameter. Made from sterling silver, the necklace will endure the test of time and wear with its durability and resistance to being tarnished. The gemstones are colorful, bright, and beautiful, too.

The diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process, meaning the diamonds in the pendant are free from conflict. Most of the cons are outweighed by the pros because this silver and gold necklace can be such a beautiful gift for a special someone. The variety of gemstones available make it perfect for a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. The beauty of this sterling silver pendant is that it can be stacked with other necklaces, too. Because it has both gold and silver, it can match other pieces of your jewelry: gold or silver earrings, rings or bracelets.

The overall quality of this sterling silver pendant is wonderful. The design is beautiful, unique and timeless. The pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. To have a silver and gold necklace with a golden heart and shining cross included in your collection of Christian jewelry is a pro outweighing any of the cons. The customization and unique touch to choosing a gemstone make it a unique gift to a loved one for different occasions.

For the price of the piece, the chain quality could be improved by a lot. While it is not terrible, it seems to be mismatched with the quality and beauty of the pendant. The contrast between them is noticeable: the chain, if mishandled, seems to be weak and frail, and over time can appear to grow dull, or darker than when it was originally received. The chain is also easily tangled, however, the chain quality is generally not enough of a reason to reconsider the pendant. Necklace chains can easily be replaced.

If you are unsure about the size of the pendant, be sure to measure any current pendants you have with the above dimensions in mind. The best way to be sure you will be pleased with the size of it is to double check the dimensions of the ideal pendant you are looking for before purchasing this one.


Sterling silver
Beautiful, unique cross design
Conflict-free diamonds
Sturdy and durable
Bright, shining stone in the center


Chain quality could be better
The size is good or bad depending on your taste (it runs on the smaller side)
More gemstone options would be nice